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The draft was carried out for the Danish Arts Foundation.
Yellow Kilometer
Produced in 2015
Yellow Kilometer is a draft assignement worked out for Danish Arts Foundation in 2015. The work presents a yellow kilometer situated in the landscape between villages Bovrup and Varnæs. With this simple way of highlighting this passage the distinctive landscape in exactly this place – the landscape that lies between and separates the two villages – is accentuated. Yellow kilometer emphasizes the course of the winding path which, as opposed to the highway, follows the curves of the landscape up and down and in and out as far as the eye can see. At the same time Yellow Kilometer visually enhances the area and the movement from A to B and hereby the connection between the villages. The purpose of the sculpture is to give the pedestrian or bikeriding a sensuous experience of fusion with the landscape. The draft was not realised. The assignement was carried out for the Danish Arts Foundation.

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