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The art work can be experienced at Ellevangskolen, Risskov, A-building.
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The work is carried out for Aarhus Municipality.
I move
Produced in 2016
The new A-building of Ellevangskolen is a place with great activity. The energy level is high, there is movement to and from, and the young people who spend their time here are the oldest pupils of the school. This movement, - in a physical and a mental sense, and identitywise, - is the focus of this piece. The point of departure of this decoration was the discovery made by the artist by coincidence: the fact that if you do an image search on Google in a place where the internet connection is poor, the images will initially load as colour squares. This work is a result of and a curated version of an image search using the frase “I move” (in Danish “Jeg bevæger mig”). The work was carried out in January-february 2016 in cooperation with artist Klaus Bahnsen, who carried out the painting.
Introduction to the piece and the process in Danish.

Link: kunstnerisk udsmykning i A-huset februar 2016

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